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released   Summer 2012

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released   AUTUMN 2012

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Tony's New CD


available   SUMMER 2013

CD featuring some of Tony's favourites, particularly from ?




Available SUMMER 2013

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I've Got A Big One

March 2017


Songs include: Office Party, Thug in a Cocktail Dress, Sartorial Socialist, I Met Her (on a river cruise), Sultans of Surf, The Suit, Hipster, Beautiful People, Armchair Expert, Big Fuhrer, Ugly Me, Another Bright Day (in drab town), Nicotine Nellie, Life-s Too Short


Singles: Hipster     Office Party     Thug in a Cocktail


Copies are available to buy


Copies of DIRTY LITTLE WORDS,  IN THE MIND and SARTORIAL are available to buy at the cost of £5


Follow the link on the contact  page and place your order

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September 2016 Currently not available


Songs include: Lyin' Air, Petrol Lady, I'm A Disease, Berries, Frankie Howerd's Old Toupee, Late Night Bus, Fool (near the White House), Girlfriend in a Skoda, Air Grab, Vlad You're Putin Me On, Secret Language Of The Coffee Shop, Katebushka, Oh Kay Burley, Dirty Chefs, TV Doctor, Baby With the Bingo Wings


Single: (limited release Fool (near the White House)

March 2016


Songs include: The Illogical Song, Acne, I Don't Know How To Dump Him, I Hate the Cloud, Passion Killer, Those Were the Krays, Jumpin' Mick Flash, Life is Blue, Migraine, Pulling in the City, Apple's the Drug, Holiday in Clacton, Year of the Rat, Tony Blair.


Singles: Acne/Year of the Rat/Get This Party Ended      

October 2015


Songs include: I Am Pretentious, Make An Excuse (for the loo), In  Aldi, Gap Tour, Precious Parents, Trousers Are Tight, Guns In America, We've Only Just Kim Jong, Walk Like A Chav, Down On Me Manor, No Luck At All, I'm A Tory, Lizzie, McCart-er-ney/The End


Singles: Precious Parents/In Aldi  

February 2015 Can only be heard if you contact PCR

Songs include: 20 Brand New Names For Poo, M25 Blues, Into Nothing Good, Lovely Pink Trumpet, Boyfriend's A Keeper, Ikea, Something Silly, Sex Tom, Drink the Night Away, Nando, I Wish I Was (the piano man), Summer the Last Time


Singles:  Sex Tom/Katebushka     Girlfriend in a Skoda/Oh Kay Burley




There are still a few copies available to buy


May 2014 Can only be heard if you contact PCR


Songs include:  Mucky Ladies, Cocktail Hour, Swear Words (are good for you), Slick Dick, Blue Rinse Beauties, Rear Entry, Dirty Words, Crack the Whip, Folkies Make Me Sick, I Can't Come, Cock of the Walk, Rubbing Me Up (the right way), Wild North West, Blackpool or Bust







There are still a few copies available to buy



October 2013 Can only be heard if you contact PCR

Songs include: Bingo Birds and Boozy Blokes, Late Night Bus, You Had Me (at get lost), I Just Want To (Facebook you), TV Doctors, Have You Lost Weight, Wetherspoons, Dirty Chefs, Show Your Bum, Yearning For the  Weekend, Call Centre Dreamers, I've Got A Cake Fork, I'm A Petrolhead, Baldilocks, Sheer Banality, One Day of Summer, Frankie Howerd's Old Toupee, Man-Flu

October 2012 No longer available

Songs Include:  Come On Baby (knight Mo Farrah), Petrol Lady, Self Checkout, Hillary Devey, The Taliban Can, Amish Blues, The Ballad of Dave and Nick, Hey Hey We're the Mormons, Brian Cox, Surrey Country, Move to Spain, Pensioner, Weird Country, Liberated Lady, The Biddy, Gregg's Bakery, I Wish I Was James Bond, Eamonn Holmes  

May 2012 No longer available


Songs include: Sat Nav Song, Hippy Song, Bald Song, Don't Make Me Go (to a festival), Silvio, Big Society, Boris Johnson, Motown Krays, Lyin' Air,Perfect Grey, Secret Language of the Coffee Shop, Funny (or die trying)    



Songs include: Smugville, Behind the Door, Ben Hur's Boat, Friends Will Let You Down, Make My Day, I Saw Him, Wind Your Neck In, Love Song Cliche, This House is Not My Home, Mr. Pearl, What A Seedy World, Charlie the Uber Man


Single: Charlie the Uber Man



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